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Below are comments from some of my clients.

I had been suffering with incredible pain in my right shoulder which had become so bad I was battling to drive and could hardly turn my head. I had resorted to lying in bed with a hot water bottle on the muscle for long periods of time. I had tried massage daily but nothing was helping in fact it was getting worse. After researching alternative therapies for pain relief I came across Bowen and found Sue. I did the three treatments spaced apart between 7-10 days each and I was very impressed with the technique used. It felt very different to massage as it's very gentle and hands off. The pain almost melted away and it's completely healed. I was curious if it would return after my three sessions but it hasn't. It seems to have healed permanently. I was hopeful it would work but it's exceeded my expectations. Thanks Sue!

Katie Mother of two

For 5 years I had a dull ache in both shoulders and a stabbing pain at the base of my neck which was intense in the mornings.  My wife suggested I tried Bowen Therapy with Sue. 

Although I was fairly sceptical that something so gentle could do anything I gave it a go. 
3-4 days after my first treatment the pain in my neck and shoulders had improved greatly and most mornings I was waking up pain free.
I also became aware that the Tinnitus I’d had for 2 years had gone.
The experience was very friendly, relaxing and informative treatment, with life changing results. 
Sue is in a class of her own, and I highly recommend her.
Thanks for all your help Sue, and the treatment genuinely cut my back and neck pain by at least 70% and for that I am truly thankful.

Paul      Breakdown recovery operator

I had suffered for over 6 months with headache which started the moment I woke and was constant till bedtime, I was taking Paracetamol daily.   I was also getting up several times during the night.
After one Bowen session with Sue the headache went and has not returned since and I was able to sleep right through the night for the first time in months. 
It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.  

Julia     Business owner and manager

After a fall over 40 years ago I’ve had an aching right shoulder that has niggled away and I’ve just put up with it.  I also could only turn my head partially.
Since my treatment with Bowen Therapy I’ve had no more shoulder stiffness and I can now turn my neck to both sides which I haven’t been able to do for years.

Janet   Retired 

I had Bowen treatment from Sue because I had a lower back ache which would start after walking for 20 minutes or more. This had stopped me going for long walks with my dogs for over 4 years. 
Since the Bowen therapy I was able to walk much longer without feeling the need to keep sitting down until the back pain eased. 
I would have this therapy again as it really did help and it was also very relaxing. 
Sue was very good and explained everything she was going to be doing and how it would help.

Susan   Receptionist

I had a long term Achilles problem that flared back up. 
I was unable to run, bare weight and even walking long distance would aggravate it. My job being very physically demanding was slowed down drastically due to my Achilles problem.  
Since the Bowen Therapy there has been no issues at all. My ankle has not flared up at all. All walking and running has completely resumed to what it was before. 

Since receiving the therapy my Achilles has had absolutely no issues at all. My injury was one which happened in 2011 and since then it didn’t affect me until the first quarter of 2016. I was unable to run more than a mile without it tightening up and aggravating me. I received 3 sessions in total and even after the first I noticed a difference. By the second the pain was gone and the third simply helped to support the previous two therapies. I highly recommend giving Bowen Therapy a chance.

Adam     Armed forces

I have suffered with migraines for about 10 years - no rhyme or reason what kicks them off. I have tried everything under doctor's supervision- diet, pillows, wearing dust masks, sleep patterns, hay fever medication, abstinence of pain killers ( nearly killed me!)
Heard through a friend who was being treated by Sue and decided to try as there were glowing reports about this therapy.
Well, it's early days but I have to say that the results are so subtle and I realised that I hadn't had an "attack" for a couple of weeks which is brilliant and fills me with hope...
Mandy    Retired


This treatment heals the whole body - I thoroughly recommend Sue Urquhart's Bowen Therapy.
Harriet    Student

Great gentle treatment!! Anyone really should give it a try if you have any aches or pains!

The therapy was gentle yet effective and Sue was excellent, would definitely recommend.
Abbie    Student


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