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FAQs ON Scar treatments

Will this work make my scar disappear?

The Scar will often feel much softer and look less obvious but the scar will remain.

What if my scar is years old, does Scar treatment still work?

Yes, this technique may benefit scar tissue no matter how long you have it, even if it is decades old.


How long should I wait before treating my scar?

The scar must be well healed before any form of treatment. As a minimum, at least 6 weeks should be left between the date of the cause of the scar and the first treatment.


Can it be used on scars with screws, plates or implants?

Yes, Scar treatment can be used on scars that have plates, pins, screws and rods. It can also be used on the scar from breast implant surgery as the technique is not used directly over the implant.


What if I have a strong emotional connection linked to my scar?

Every scar is caused by some kind of trauma. Some scars may have been acquired in distressing circumstances or be associated with specific events or memories. In these situations, it is recommended that Scar treatment is the only therapy applied on that day.

Releasing the scar tissue can sometimes cause a rush of emotions, often in the form of tears, memory recall or laughing. This is part of the process of releasing your scar and even though it can be upsetting, it is a positive thing. You are in complete control of the session and can ask for treatment to stop at any time.


Are there any scars that cannot be treated with Scar treatment ?

Scars where surgical mesh has been used cannot be treated with McLoughin Scar Tissue Release Technique or ScarWork.

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