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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is a Bowen treatment like? 
During the treatment, a series of precise, rolling type moves are made over the body’s soft tissue i.e. muscles, tendons. fascia and ligaments. The moves are relatively gentle, using only as much pressure as is comfortable for your body.  A typical feature of the  Bowen Technique are the ‘rest periods’ of 2-5 minutes between sets of moves. These allow the body and brain time and space to ‘interpret’ the moves and respond in the optimal way.

Is it safe?
Due to the nature of Bowen it is completely safe and is suitable for the elderly, disabled, children and even babies.
In fact many midwives are now studying and using Bowen in hospitals due to its benefits before, during and after birth for mother and baby.

How many sessions do I need?
Most new clients are asked to commit to a course of 3 treatments, initially. For optimum results, these are spaced 5 – 10 days apart.  Three to five treatments are often sufficient to achieve lasting relief, though further treatments may be required, depending on the condition, the cause, the length of time symptoms have been present, and the age and general health of the client.
After the initial treatment plan is completed,  most people will often choose to go on a maintenance plan with an appointment monthly, six weekly or quarterly to prevent further problems, maintain posture and release stress & tension.

What do I wear?
Bowen moves can either be done directly onto the skin, or through light, loose-fitting, clothing.  Moves are difficult to apply through heavy or tight-fitting materials such as denim and lycra. No underwear needs to be removed and you will be covered by towels during the treatment.

What should I expect from my session?
Each body responds differently. Most clients find Bowen deeply relaxing and experience a feeling of overall well-being as tension is relieved. However, clients may experience any of the following reactions within the first few days after treatment: hot and cold flushes, emotional releases, headaches, body aches, and tiredness. Most reactions normally clear within 48 hours, and are a positive sign that the healing process is working

What can I do to improve the treatment outcome?
You will be given an ‘Aftercare sheet’ after your session. Basically we follow the three W’s:

Water: 6-8 glasses a day 
After the treatment you will be advised to drink plenty of water as Bowen will stimulate your lymphatic system, which will draw on your body’s water reserves.

Walk: 15 minutes a day (if you are able to) 
To re-stimulate the Bowen treatment you will also be advised not to sit down for more than 30 minutes, but to get up and walk around for a minute or so.

Wait: a week:
Avoid any other  hands-on therapy for at least 7days before and after Bowen. 




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