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ScarWork Adapted for Breast surgery and reconstruction

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This gentle technique  is suitable for scars from: 
Mastectomy, WLI (lumpectomy) and breast  re-construction scars (TUG, DIEP, TRAM, LAT Flap etc)

It doesn’t matter if your scar feels thick and lumpy, or tight and puckered, or feels like a gap of spongy tissue – there is a technique adapted to help stimulate improvement.
ScarWork treatment is not painful, and usually gently progresses through the layers of tissue from the upper levels of the skin, deep into the fascia and muscles at the speed that is right to help promote your recovery. 


  • Helps to mobilise scar tissue to promote better healing and better movement which promotes normal tissue health

  • Helps to alleviate pain and discomfort caused by tightness of scar tissue

  • Helps to restore normal structure and functional properties of muscles and other tissues

  • Helps to restore better range of movement to arm, neck and shoulder

  • Improves muscular balance and overall posture

  • Improves aesthetic appearance

  • Helps to restore confidence and give back some control

  • Specialised massage is beneficial after any breast surgery, including cosmetic augmentation, helping to prevent complications and hardening of breast tissue

  • Healthy breasts also benefit from massage to release tension caused by badly fitting bras, improving overall posture

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