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Continuous training

As a Bowen and Scar therapist it is very important for me to keep up to date with the profession and increase my knowledge.

Summary of Training:

Royal Veterinary College B Vet Med 1974 -1979

College of Bowen Studies Cert CBS 2014 -2016


Finding your Feet Feb 2024

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Plastic Surgery Pre- and Post-Op Practitioner
        Online Diploma Training March 2024

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy at QLS Level 5 April 2024


Dry Needling Jan 2023

Dry Cupping Jan 2023

Womens Scar tissue relief Feb 2023

Lymphatics Unblocked Feb 2023

Exercise & Rehabilitation March 2023

Restore - C-section scar specialist Nov 2023


Applied  Myoskeletal Neck - repeat

Importance of symmetry workshop - repeat

Restore - Oncology Scar therapy Sept 2022

Restore - Scar therapy Nov 2022

Kineisology Taping Online - Oct 2022


Safe use of DEEP OSCILLATION  July 2021

Lymphatic Bowen July 2021

Diploma Assessment Led Bowen July 2021

Working with Pelvic and Abdominal scarring Sept 2021


CranialBowen Feb 2020

Biomechanical Assessment of Shoulder Mar 2020

Blend Oncology training for soft tissue therapists Mar 2020

Blend TMJ1 Aug 2020

Fine tuning the Neck Sept 2020

Adapting ScarWork for Breast tissue Surgery Sept 2020

FNFT TMD and Orofacial Pain Nov 2020

FNFT Functional NeuromyoFascial Techiques Dec 2020


Exercise & rehabilitation February 2019

Applied Myoskeletal Pelvis + lumbar workshop  March 2019

Red flag training May 2019

O Lab Temporomandibular Joint  Module 1 & 2 June 2019

Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork  July 2019

Applied Myoskeletal Upper Torso Oct 2019

Blend Facial Fascia   Nov 2019

Targeting Primary dysfunction Nov 2019 

Cranialsacral Dec 2019


Sports Bowen 1  March 2018

Art of Bowen 1 May 2018

Applied  Myoskeletal Clinical Gems July 2018

Applied  Myoskeletal Lower Extremities July 2018

Applied  Myoskeletal Neck  July 2018

Fasciabowen Sept 2018

Art of Bowen 2 Nov 2018

McLoughlin Scar Release Technique Certificate of Proficiency Aug 2018

Somatics Movement Exercise Coach Level 1 Certificate Aug 2018


Bowen Practitioner Development Feb 2017

Hormone procedures for Males & Females July 2017

BTPA Professional Development Sept 2017

CBS congress Sept 2017

Shoulder & Pelvic Workshop Nov 2017

Importance of symmetry workshop Nov 2017



Relaxing therapy in trained hands

The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment, being complementary Bowen works alongside your medical treatment.

We recommend you consult your own doctor or professional healthcare provider about any health concerns you may have.

Bowen is a holistic remedy.

As a Bowen therapist we treat the whole body.

We do not diagnose or treat specific conditions and cannot make claims on the outcome. 

We do not prescribed or alter medication

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