June 18th 2020

In mid March 2020 it became obvious that we were going to have some sort of ‘Lockdown’ to try and prevent the spread of the Pandemic Covid 19. 

It was clear that I could no longer treat my clients with hands on Bowen therapy.


However, I think that the past few months will have taken its toil on many people with old aches and pains starting to reappear or worsen.

It still remains uncertain as to when I will be able to work on clients again.


So I’m now able to help by providing some ‘One to One’ online sessions to guide you or a family member to self treat yourself.

This won’t be the same as I can offer in the treatment room. It won’t as relaxing and there are lot of moves just too complex to teach remotely.  Assessments will be difficult so targeting the therapy for a particular condition will not be possible.

I hope that I can give you some help though by using Bowen First Aid, moves to release the tight, stuck connective tissue that is the cause of many symptoms of pain and stiffness.

I am not attempting to teach Bowen, but purely to show you some moves to do on yourself.   

I advise that you do not attempt these moves with my supervision.


See link for more details on this technique 


See link for more on this technique 

Price £25.00/session

If interested please contact me: or phone 07939 135123

Sue Urquhart Cert C.B.S. MBTPA

     Near Chardstock, DEVON  EX13 7LB

     Phone: 07939 135123


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